Thursday, February 21, 2013

Last Words

    Last Words

Last words I speak tonight.
Should I speak or should I write
Before the world to me soon ends
birds don’t sing and flowers bend
Lucky you are here my friend.
Yes you who is listening
and don’t offend

The time has come
when Autumn comes
and all the leaves
dry in the sun

My orange heart will soon depart
with all my hopes at Autumn Park
The leaves my years that blow away
the trees the ones who will still stay

The ground my soul so very cold
and all I want in deep deep holes
The sun the one who cheers me up
the coffee I drink in my cracked cup

I now depart
 with all my heart
as Autumn leaves
drift in soft breeze
And you my friend
the one who heard
all that I felt
in my last words

Monday, February 18, 2013



The wilderness of your tears
touch my heart slightly,
While your kisses, kiss my lips,
tenderly and lightly.

The eternal bliss of desolation,
offers my heart
little or no consolidation.

The mournful days of silence
calm the cries of my tomorrows,
The wrinkled leaves fall
in the ageless nights of sorrows.

As the dawn rays bathe my soul,
I miss your tender words, once more,
but my deaf ears hear no more
I can’t tolerate anymore.

My blind eyes can’t perceive,
the magic beauty of your face,
and more than all, the worst part is
my love is a lost case.

When I try to touch you near,
You tend to disappear
I shouldn’t have love you too much, darling,
And less continue here.


I sat that night inside the old lightless tower,
It was time to wait, the solitary blessed hour.
The sea curled black with emotion in the blindest sky ,
confusing cells destroyed with pain in absent mind.

Bright star’s twinkle reflected in my tan, reddish eyes.
Stars slide escaping truths, seeking where none lie.
The moon appeared slowly frowning at the solitary night ,
but then observed and winked with its eyeless eye.

Venus’ dance exploited in her twilight dress,
this ,the dreary night held in my swollen chest.
All the fainted memories tear down in distress,
mainly the cherished ones, the bouquet of the best.

Memories of love laid in the blackest skies,
you slept in the darkness of my ancient mind,
opening golden gates of endless time,
caressing words of wisdom with sweet lullabies.

The horizon still awaits our mournful, harmonious cry,
two souls in ecstasies together when the midnight arises.
People comment this appearance in the midnight sky,
the vision of two spirits
meeting in each other there every night.
Author Lynda Ferrer
Hatillo, Puerto Rico

Summer with You

Summer gleams rainbows , in morning air
sunlight glimmers through your precious hair,
combing each strand with summer care,
you ,lay on the yellow- green grass,
flowers cover aisles like an elegant mask.

Soft tender light with freckled dust specks
emanate slowly through the high lights quest.
The sun reflected in your blue eyes, conveys
crack of dawns ,the morns of antique days.

Picturesque, summer decoys and lures
remembrance of love in the light blurs,
amazing instants enfolded with coppers dreams ,
melted aspirations descend in cascading streams.

Apparition of yesterday summers, you ,me , depart
blissful memories conserved in a lonesome heart.
©Lynda Ferrer/2012

Gray Sparrow

Gray sparrow , rainy day
soft feathered body,
plummet air,
shiver, warmth ,care
desolation everywhere.

Meticulous tune,
fills my room
window mate,
In afternoons.

Tussle , winter breeze
snow , the trees,
conceal the branches of trust
on covetousness, lust.

Refined claws polished by
morning dew ,
in silent gardens,
rainbow’s hue.

Silver shield,
now rest,
winter leaves
is blessed.

©Lynda Ferrer /2013

My Heart Belongs to You

As the nights grow cold
and I grow very old,
my heart will faithfully sleep.

It will always keep
its love like a clover
in a lost meadow of flowers,
until my latest hours.

Never will it die, eternity alive,
dipped in a small burial, heart of ice,
granted with your love twice,
past illusions of beautiful nights.

I will softly say your name
which will float in the horizon
entering in the heart of my life
every day and night
like a fierce lion in a fight,
or an eagle in its last flight.

It will never give up
although life seems so tough.

As this life of mine prolongs
my commitment may be
to love you even if you don't love me.

If from this life I shall depart
I’ll call your name in eternity,
for your love will endure in my heart,
even if you don’t respond.

This heart no longer belongs to me,
only in my body to remain
It will forever belong to thee,
although it suffers in sorrow and pain,
Knowing, I can’t ever be with you again.



My love whistles in the morning wind,
travels through islands of charm,
piercing meadows , heavenly falls,
bursts through fountains of crystal eyes,
splashing drops to cottoned skies.

My love wasn’t a lossless heart
were tall grass grows
blind ones cry, other than
reaching , the other side.

My love ,token of gold in fire then, ash.
This candescent blessing in midnight soars,
leaving traces, awaited on a dusty shore,
pirates await and feel no more.

Love cocooned under the lovely night moon,
still waiting to bloom.
Although repressed,
like an unpleasant guest
still, on guard at quest.
©Lynda Ferrer/2013



Tears descend, pearls stringing down my eyes,
eyes spin ,peeling through sunsets of iron ,
naked smiles wander in coal black skies.
within horizons of purple, gray, the truth lies.

Dawns of fire melt hearts of fleshy tissue ,
remnants soak in a stoned-like fissure.
Waters flow, shores dilute scattered piles,
sand burials formed dunes ,hopeless trials .

Bleak ,reminiscences swathe the residence,
uninhabited reign governs the precedent.
Unheard damages distress ,lover vanishes
lands without agony , superfluous romances.

At the shore many loves live their heart desires ,
Unknown ,overwhelmed past love,
committed suicide and died.


Lynda Ferrer

Crystal Image

Crystal Image

Beneath human minds
a crystal image intertwines,
Illusion forms ,
at magic dorms.

A ballet port gelatin tries,
stretching high,
reaching the sky,
dream survives,
hemisphere in lines.

Magic dance,
special romance
feelings trance,
despairs chance.

Dream dare
Flares the air,
slowly deforms,
sleeps in morns.
Mind rests
Soul a guest
Softly met
Figure at rest
Image left…
©Lynda Ferrer/2012


Goddess of oddities
exclaims a new world
without complexities,
awaits the magic
of a new comer of life,
not a tragic sight.

She sadly weeps
in a coffin she keeps
the secret of spirits
the ones whom roam,
eternally alone
in look for a glorious home.

As she decides to find
the love of spirit's divine,
although without enough time.

She smiles in isolation
as she captures her inner self
once placed on a shelf,
that she gradually let go,
the world she shows
and the love she knows
sleeps with God above.
@LF 2012

~ Dreams ~

Dreams ~ sadly drifting
on waters of illusions,
far away from
the dry shore of hopes.

Dreams,~ ecstasy, expression
of a woman’s beating heart
floating away on
the ocean waves.

Dreams ~ traveling
in the distant horizon
under the shinning sun ,
bathing the skies with tears ,
disappearing in eternal skies.

Dreams ~ ,fiction created by a feminine soul.