Thursday, July 25, 2013



Would you dance with me over the moon
tippy toeing each star in twilight lagoons
flying into space up to Saturn
escaping meteorite like kisses
fired in space until it misses..

Would you write a poem
with cloudy white ink
of beautiful words
my heart would sink...

Would you touch the sun
to warm my heart
and tell me love
that I'm the one...

Would you catch the rain
and pour it in my soul
so it's magic touch
turns it to gold...

Would you disturb destiny
in all it means to me
and whisper darling
I'll always be.

To You with love
CR/RR/Lynda Ferrer/2013

Monday, July 22, 2013

Soul Mate

Soul  Mate

Soul, my mate
be my love, my heart
conscious to start
dusk, a world so dark..

 My mate, company
bless thoughts
baptize this heart
to pureness brought

listen to all told
as I get old
in frozen folds

Soul be my mate
even in deserted times
 poems die without rhyme
wine dries sometimes

Soul, mate
for ever and more
sing songs alive
when my roses die...

Soul, my mate
when the sun
doesn't arise
please stay
show love
all the way...