Friday, January 17, 2014

Broken Bridge

(Romantic musical muse)

You knew I was there
all we loved and shared
has flown away
like petals in the wind

You knew I was there
when you heard
verses departing from
a beautiful heart

You knew I was sitting there
cause you felt the tears
dripping from my painful heart
slowly tearing me apart

You knew love, you was my all
under broken bridges love falls
broken hearts crawl
in soulless nights when you fall..
©AuthorLynda Ferrer/2014 ?RR

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


My heart holds
The promise told
Love deep in me
Will always be..

We could share
The world together
As long as we have love
 all we need forever

Wish you remember
The love I cherish
When I wake up
Trying to find you..

A heart has eyes
That never lie
thoughts that never die…
as you sleep deep inside..
By Lynda Ferrer©/2014

Monday, January 13, 2014

Hidden Sorrows

(Melancholic Muse)

I have lived my life
The best way I can
 all have hidden sorrows
Places we do not not dare

Deep inside we hide
Our faults, pain
Unbearable thoughts
of wisdom in recognition
of what is wrong…

We deny to ourselves the truth
The impossible desires
Where our faces hide behind
A veil disguise of the obscure…

Where our pain is sorrow
Our heart suffers no tomorrows

Under this veil
I know myself
Not anyone knows me
Its me behind
this  sacred wall of truth
My melancholic self
will defeat this
 Hidden sorrow…
©Author Lynda Ferrer/2014
Photo of myself