Saturday, February 22, 2014

Red Drops

Red drops fall
from a broken heart
color of
rose petals
color of art

As they drop
from the eyes
that bleed
an anxious heart

The petal eyes
for a love
long ago
that died

The petal heart
was the only to know

How petal eyes cried
in a painful lonely life..
By Lynda Ferrer All Right Reserved by Author

Monday, February 17, 2014

Arise Romeo

Romeo you in my mind in my heart
Come thy Romeo lay by my side
My heart pounds to see you
after the tragedy

Poison shall not be our mortality
My lips still feel the soft touch
of your last tender kiss

This ,the reason

I’m here your touch
The vision of your eyes
beauty of your ivory skin
locked in memories

Thou has been my only love
You the only who hears my heartbeat.

Read my thoughts
the most love loved of all,
what passion, romance

Romeo can you feel
I missed thee
like the flowers miss the rain
like the world needs love
as I need thee

With this kiss you awake
thou shall not die this time
By Lynda Ferrer
copyright@Lynda Ferrer2014