Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Don’t Leave me (dark)

Don’t Leave me (dark)

Don’t leave me
Under a torn heart
Where broken bridges fall apart

Don’t leave me
In dead hopes
In a cemetery
Where no one spoke

Don’t leave me
Without dreams
Where nightmares crawl
With scarlet wings

Don’t leave me
Where the deaf speak
what  they can’t hear
and I feel weak

Don’t leave my soul alone
In midnight air
where the ghost roam

Don’t leave me

Morning to remember

Morning to remember

While life goes by
vision through bright eyes
from dawn to dusk
in calm and fuss

We wait for time to dismiss
although past moments we miss
not enjoying our days
as time passes away

As anxious we await
the future as a date
desires ahead
not living instead

Appreciation, each day as a gift
Love Author Lynda Ferrer/My 2015/photo poem/RR