Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Another heart

(Musical Muse)

 How could you walk away
After all we shared
Everything I had
Is gone with my dreams

My heart and my eyes
Still believe in the nights
Where the stars admired
How you hugged me tight

You know life is like a song
That’s over when love is gone
Thou  lyrics in memories stay
In the heart in some way

You on the streets alone
Looking for a heartfelt home
 that’s  a lonely  affair
 no one really cares

How can you forget  me
When I was always there
Seeking in others heart
the love that always cared

Paradise was here
My dear
The anxious cry
When no ones near

Monday, April 21, 2014


Sleep in valleys of eternal waves
flow through constant emotions
flow towards the resting shore
Lift above the current's dangers

Flap your arms with lonely strokes
Cover your eyes through rough tides
Let the ride make you survive
although the horizon stares and hides

Head towards the burning sun
though your skin peels
in salt like tons
Reach the new light sun

As the shore
you reach once more
begin again
your new life's chore...
By Lynda Ferrer /RR/2014