Saturday, August 9, 2014


Where the tide hides
in the morning sky
the melody of the waves
follow the horizon wide

Light blinds my eyes
as I watch the sunset
the beauty of a new day
that calms my way

When I depart
this world
the ocean will stay
strong immersing other's days
AuthorLynda Lynda Ferrerphoto /poemRR/2014

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Dragons enter, mysterious thoughts
I , warrior face their irony
force evil out ,torching my tender skin
thus evil attempts to defeat

I princess Osana
lady of social critique
possess sword of truth
justice, trust

Fierce one shall not be my fear
My conquest points goodness
of dreams
 Illusions of an ancient princess
who endures modern era

I the leader of sweet dreams
which dragons can't destroy
although fire flows towards my illusions
my shield shelters my  core..

Author Lynda Ferrer/ARR/2014

Silent Skies (poverty and war)

Silent skies
please my eyes
silence reigns
 the plantation

Unique mysteries thrive
human lives
in a wondrous world
where I exist

A life to wonder
why thunder
strikes the humble
who die at night

In destruction and obscurity
Optimism remains
A prospect of change
When all is slain

These the brave ones
Born in no land
With no name
No home
No love…
No hope
By Author Lynda FerrerRR//2014

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

You (Musical Muse)

I could move a mountain for you
kiss the sky for you too
Catch the moon in my hand
in crystal nights blue

I would cross the ocean for you
reach the bottom of the ocean too
swim to the horizon
as long as you're there too.

I can get through storms
as long as you're along
to make my heart warm
when all goes wrong

I dont know what I would do
I would be lost without you
Because my love is strong
never to be destroyed or harmed
By Author Lynda Ferrer RR/photo and poem