Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How Love disappears (Lyrics)

How Love disappears

Yesterday I loved you so
do you remember how it
used to go
together in the morning rain
now nothings seems the same..

Have you forgotten
how it used to feel
inside and out
how love disappears

So how am I going to forget
what I held in my chest
morning noon and night
I have no rest

From the outside it' so easy to
don't say your sorry
from breaking my heart
If you're not here today

How love disappears
How love flows away
but how to forget
yesterdays today..

Monday, November 23, 2015

Need (Lyrics)


Never will I forget the tide
along with the color of his eyes
sweet dreams in ocean blue
while the waves pass me by

Never knew why he went away
like the tide that comes and goes
erasing the shore
never comes back anymore...

My hope to see him again
really never ends
as I seek in the horizon
my only best friend

The ocean along with my dreams
persists in motion and sings
what my heart pleads
the departed love I need.

Alive (Lyrics)

Lyrics by LF

He's the reason the teardrops in my eye
the reason why I cry at night
he's the light of my shining star
in the darkest night my light LF

I love him with all my heart
even if life sails us apart
I'll reached the horizon of his eyes
and land in the port of his smile

It’s sad to not sleep
when he’s not around
all I do is frown
living my life so down..

I'll never sink in dreams
where our love seems
illusions are erased by time
although you're still on my mind……