Friday, April 17, 2015

Ghetto Cries

Ghetto Cries

Thou shall hear the ghetto’s cry

Knights of armor
Battles and foe
Hear the woe
How they die

Kings of art 
within their hearts
Quests of bravery
Bathe in chivalry
Leaders of battles fought

Listen to voices of ghettos
  dry coarse tones
the isolated try to get there
where battles are caught

A child of royalty 
born in misery
seeking toys in mysteries
in high class trash weep
 Hopeless seek

Queens trying to survive
from the ghettos cry
a place she applies
a throne to survive

Knight of honor
Still wishes to survive
In battles of swords
of guns and lords

His royalty dries
In suffering eyes
When battles are lost
The innocent die

Lords and knights
Heroic illusions
Die in ghettos
With spiritual confusion

Every day and  night
The king lies in pain
Wounds leave scars
Thou shall hear the ghetto’s cry
© Author Lynda Ferrer/RR2014

Words Light of Grace

 Words Light of Grace

Words Light of Grace

Guide us with right

through the quest of life

Be our shield and protection

in our daily selections

Lead us to truth

In the uniqueness of youth

May words be like stars

rising us up afar

Words Light of Grace

Guide us to victory in battles

And help us conquer our dreams

with swords of hope

Guiding us to the holy truth

Author Lynda Ferrer