Friday, September 19, 2014

How to Pretend (song)

Chorus 1

Since you left
I hardly make my way
It’s hard to pass the days
being lost without you
Being without you
isn’t an easy life
Nights seem so long
I’m lonely without you

How to pretend
When alls at the end
Heartaches and pain
when I don’t see you again

The love of my life is gone
to him I write this song
So he’ll see how I feel
living my life alone…

My shadow weeps
 absence of my other side
walking here alone
in dark shadowed aisles..

Chorus 2

How to pretend
oh how to pretend
that alls so well
when all comes to the end
Lyrics by Author Lynda Ferrer
All Rights Reserved on song/2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I’m Just a Lonely Soul (song)

  ~ Chorus ~

I’m just a lonely soul
living alone
trying  to survive
all on my own

I tried so many times
To live without you
I couldn’t survive
Couldn’t go through

If you’d only know
How much I drink
when alone at night
in prison I think

I remember when  you said
You loved me so
Now that you’re not here
Life has no glow

I still have your pictures
Hanging on the walls
So I wont forget you
The moments and all

And the rose you gave me
I saved in a book
It still smells like you
petals and all.


By Author Lynda Ferrer
All Rights Reserved on Lyrics/2014

Monday, September 15, 2014


A rose in a meadow
petals scatter
wind blows it away
only the thorns

In the silent air
a sigh is heard
not a word is spoken
not a soul is seen

More roses grow
in gardens of love
she, not there
roses bloom and play

Rain falls lightly
roses smile
a new day comes
loves on its way

By Author LyndaFerrerRR/2014

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Carved in Grief


Roses and thorns
you offered me
beauty and death
was all I've seen

Red like the love
I received
soft as its petals
carved in grief

Your love like thorns
hurt my heart
leaving scars
broken in parts

It dried and burned
without any love
instead of water
teardrops above

Why give a rose
with thorns of pain
love is to keep deep
and to remain

Alone in my heart
the rose  in peace
soft as its petals
but carved in grief..
Auhtor Lyndaferrer/2014RR