Saturday, June 21, 2014

Loving your heart (Lost)

Loving your heart (Lost)

As feelings fell deep in mine
absorbing the beat of my heart
only you heard the sound
as I trembled in fear

It was a night of decision
living behind all I'm living
a revenue of beautiful choice
but of all forbidden

Didn't want to hurt your heart
didn't mean to let you down
for my sentiments for you were true
the feelings you knew too..

Sorrow in my heart remains
life will never be the same
cause when you truly love
it doesn't wash away with the rain..

Thursday, June 19, 2014

How do We Walk (Meditation)

How do we walk
in sadness,
black ,
scary shadows of darkness ,
surrounding us,
lands drifting away,
the earth's tough, muddy crust.

Shaggy trees mourning clean air,
branches dragging barefooted,
in dry rugged land.

Paradise shaved, lost ,
teardrops of flooded waters,
legacy of past survivors .
Souls of ancestors ,admirers,
us ,unsatisfied heritages.

How do we walk
in remembrance,
without care,
slipping down
naked hills
of tomorrow
in boiling terrains
of sorrow.
copyright2912 LFF

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


She left that night without a smile
drove all night asking why
Her tears flooded her steering wheel
as she screamed why why why God why
did this happen to me....

She followed the moon through the trees
crying not believing it was real
didn't know how to go back home
knowing he wasn't there anymore

Many nights ahead broke her dreams
Her tears could have filled oceans or streams
he torched her heart and killed her illusions
that night she discovered
that true love is only confusion
By Author L Ferrer/Rights reserved

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Died for Love (Sad Poem)

so she passed away
on that morning that day
some say it was sadness
others say she died of love..

no one really knew
if it was true
if her heart
bruise blue

many heard her faint cry
blowing in the wind
others saw her teary eyes
tears that never ended

all knew she was in pain
 never spoke why
her stringy hair all wet
her eyes red like fire

when she passed away
people went to see
she had a paper heart in her hand
that said ,"Please Love Me."
By Lynda Ferrer/RR June 16,2014

I left My Heart Behind (poetry in song)

I left my heart behind
was all I had 
 left romance
Ending  the end

 Pain was harsh
 Hurt  on floors
To live without heart
cry no more

He asked me why
how to live
where no heart sighs
or never feels

My heart died
when it all end
My romance my love
My friend

So how to continue now
When there’s no heart to find
No magic in life
Where my heart hides…
©LyndaFerrer June 15/2014

Around You (poetry in song)

I built my world around you
my poetry and my heart too
all that I cared for
all that I knew...

Your were my mornings
where my garden grew
were my nights
where stars danced too

Our destiny and eternity
were always together
Holding hands
in yesterdays forever

You were lyrics of my song
While you were with me
my heart was in calm
nothing went wrong

I built my world around you
like the walls of castle
no one could destroy
what was build with love

Around you Around you
All was love
Because you were the only one
I could ever think of

~ Lynda Ferrer
Hatillo, Puerto Rico

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Was You (romantic imagination)

It was your heart
that made me feel
Through  dark nights
that made me real

It was  your world
of musical delight
combined with love
in every flight

It’s the way you made me feel
When I was down
And you just
came near

You gave me value
and kept me strong
When I was weak
and all went wrong

Wasn’t your touch
Wasn’t your lips
Twas your heart
My only eclipse…

To You
By Lynda Ferrer rights reserved