Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Love (poem translation for Spanish poem Amor writtenby Lynda Ferrer)

Love the most precious gift
which lives in hope
it's the feeling of appreciation and care
the necessary spirit

Love covers the world with generosity
travels from soul to soul
helps to overcome anxiety torments
when all is dull and dark

Love calms the heart
with unique art
that softens irony
before it starts

Love is like a melody
that flows in the air
curing sicknesses
that never end

Love is high like the mountains
Beautiful as the sky
Never deteriorates
or dies

Monday, November 10, 2014

The Last Rose ( song )

Your love was mine
fingertips of time
seduced in heart
red passion and hope

My last rose
shared with you
showed you how much
love cares and trusts

The petals fell
just like my heart
thorns remained
torn me apart


How could you ever leave
knowing love is a dream
where only beauty seems
in forever times of destiny
I want to see your pretty face
keep you with me in my dreams
I think about you every night
and dream about you all my life

Now that I'm alone
Not knowing what went wrong
wonder why my petals dried
and my rose never survive.
Author Lynda Ferrer/2014/RR