Saturday, May 17, 2014

Attention this is my first professional recording lyrics and recital in song with the singer and musican Ronnie Wrench biscuit..It is so so beautiful ,listen and share!
Here is a collaboration I just produced with Puerto Rican Poet and author Lynda Ferrer. I would say the style overall is Pop/Adult Contemporary.The emotion: Bittersweet,but more sweet than bitter.

Here I used two of my favorite percussive instruments extensively throughout: Cabasa and Clave.These are probably the sexiest percussive instruments ever created.

I used an old Ovation acoustic guitar that a friend let me borrow.The strings are very old,probably well over 6 months,but it recorded nicely.Further proof that there's no need to sweat the small stuff.

I added some of ear candy at the end so check it out whith your fancy designer earphones,but please mix yourself a margarita, or rum and coke first.If you don't drink alcohol, pour yourself a nice tall glass of prune juice.It will help you to keep regular! Here is Spanish Translation:

Memorias Desvanecen Lírica poético

Yo recuerdo las rosas que me distes ese día Tu sonreíste yo también

Me levantaste Cada pétalo parte de mi corazón unido a su olor de amor bañado con lágrimas de rocío

Tu besastes cada rosa Dando cada rosa en mis manos Era un ramo de labios rojos Escondida en la niebla mañanera

El día que te fuiste Solo los pétalos Quedaron En un jarrón de lágrimas secas

Memorias Desvanecen ..Desvanecen Escrita por Autora Lynda Ferrer (traducción de Memories Faint canción de la autora) Derechos Reservados

Friday, May 16, 2014

See Through My heart (Lyrics)

The sun is shinning in my room
My heart like a flower blooms
When I think how I love you
Like the world loves the moon

How long can I love you
Only my heart will know
What beautiful feelings
Inside grow

I’ll always wait under the rose skies
It easier to love than when love is denied
But better to be loved than to give love
The game isn’t fair when it’s lie

I hope you see through my heart
Get close to me once more
Where all the flowers grow
In hugs of love and take me away…
By Author LyndaFerrer©2014

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Rust in Pain (Spiritual Poem)

The lonely strive and hide
in murky scenes of lust
hearts pound with fear
Humanoids feast near

Ere for the mislaid who cry
salvation will thrive
Essence arise
In highest divine
Optimism acquired
of the
By Lynda Ferrer/RR/2014

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Woman of Sand

 I became sand
 woman of sand not man
body and my heart
All fell down..

Little by little the wind
blew each grain
dissolving me
Into nothing to be

The particles scattered
departing the sand
 no one was there
To hold my hand

So me my heart
And I
Dissolved high in the sky
leaving me never to be

Only the wind
Whispered my return
 as it followed me
the  lonely sun burned
By Lynda Ferrer

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Around You (Musical Lyrics)

  (Musical Lyrics)

I built my world around you
my poetry and my heart too
all that I cared for
all that I knew...

Your were my mornings
where my garden grew
were my nights
where stars danced too

Our destiny and eternity
Were always together
Holding hands
In yesterdays forever

You were lyrics of my song
While you were with me
my heart was in calm
nothing  went wrong

I built my world around you
like the walls of castle
no one could destroy
what was build with love

Around you Around you
All was love
Because you were the only one
I could ever think of
By Lynda Ferrer/RR/2014

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Night Walker (song)

I’m up all night
Up all night tight
Dreaming dreams
In mellow fantasies

I’m up all night
Down all day
Sleeping In rundown cafes
No ones coming my way

I can party all night
Even if all isn’t right
Partying is the height
Where my hearts right

I feel selfish pain
When day breaks the morn
My insanity brings me away
In the daybreak dawn

I the night walker
Night talker
Night stalker
Got my ticket

For when the day
,breaks dawn.
By LyndaFerrer/RR/2014©

Forever Dance (Musical Muse)

Never Never Never
never will forget you
Never, never ,never
in a million years

We can dance through years
 fly through wild dreams
Float on what love means
your heart in mine sleeps

We can dance from night till dawn
Making the secret storm calm
Dance to the rhythm of a song
As long as your heart follows along

Make the dance per due
Only everlasting me and you
Never Never will the dance die
Dance until the end of life.