Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Social Mask Two

Social Mask Two

Must we hide
under masks
in order to survive
the mask of others

Must we pretend
that we trust
in order
to not disturb

Must we be phony
plastic and artificial
covered with irony
to make others happy

Must we face
the drama
of actors
and follow them

Social Mask

Social Mask

Must we hide
under social masks
in denial of pure truth
to escape from criticism

Must we cover our ego
as to adapt to this world
whereas our feelings hide
in wombs of enclosure

Must we reject who we are
how we want to exist
to please humanity
and make this world better
Author LyndaFerrer/ARR on poem/2015

Monday, January 5, 2015

Come to Me on a Sunny Day

Come to me
on a sunny day
Touch the flowers
before I go away

Stand in the garden
under the light
 I’ll watch your shadow
dark as night

Feel the breeze
caressing the trees
Waving good-bye
before I leave

Watch the clouds
In the sky
Going away
just like I

As I depart
my  figure with me
Like a ghost
vanishing through the trees

Only my memories
 You will keep
In your heart
 will forever sleep
By Lynda Ferrer/RR/2015

Sunday, January 4, 2015

By the Time I’m gone (reviewed)

By the Time I’m gone

By the time I’m gone
the skies will know why
life passes by
like a star in the sky

By the time I’m gone
will you still be there
waiting away in yesterdays
when there’s no one there

Nobody will say
 why I loved that way
because the life I lived
made me this way

So light my life
even if I’m gone
life sometimes goes wrong
but  tears carry along

Tears are my only hope
When I see pain
Where I see hurt
for all that’s worth

A shoulder to cry on
a fire when there’s rain
would only bring me back
to where I was again
By Lynda Ferrer

Sorry I Was Late

Sorry I Was Late

Sorry I was late
Yes I was late in your life
Wish I’d met you before
So I could love you more

Life has its road
Sometimes a heavy load
Where love is hard to find
and deceptions make time

Wish I could undo time
 I’m so blue at mind
without being able to
be always with you

We don’t choose where to stay
life brings us where
we  are not loved not knowing
someone better is out there

Sorry I was late just didn’t know you existed
Wasn’t on time and missed
The love you bring
The melody you sing

I will always keep  in my heart
The love we once had
Although we can’t be together
Our love is in heart forever
 Lynda Ferrer©/2015