Saturday, February 8, 2014

Falling Rain

 Romance Muse
Now that time has past
If I'd had another chance
I would live the love we had
To show you how much I cared

But once time is gone
People lose their charm
Of the love once shared
passing away in other arms

we can't live the past
loved in romantic dreams
for when hearts leave
roses die in cemeteries

Another rose is born
In other gardens terrain
A new person comes
Along with the falling rain.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Robot I

Could I feel
love for a rose
not anyone knows
that my heart flows
in empty faults
of what I've loved
what I've suffered
deep inside
as my tearless eyes
dry tonight

My feelings
no more felt
no more thought
not being human
bathe from past turmoils
sleep and weep deep
in silent dreams of myself...
BY Lynda Ferrer/@2014/RR


I gave my heart to you
on a stormy day
you went away
the storm did too

You had no right
to ruin my days
to make me cry
while there were
stars in the sky

There was no way
for me to make you stay
my heart too went away
as I cried on that stormy day

Now that time has gone
and memories await in my heart
I am healed from the pain today
that your love brought..
BY Lynda Ferrer/RR/2014

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Where Our Hearts Build Our Fortress-Today's muse ~special one~Author Lynda Ferrer

Where Our Hearts Build Our Fortress
will never ever be destroyed
A strong fortress never falls
Especially if built with strong walls

It’s ourselves in our kingdom
As kings and queens
In a special palace of dreams
where guards protect enemy schemes

We are the leaders of our illusions, our dreams
Where we imagine in our battles
the defense of what we believe
protecting our hearts and never leave

Where Our Heart s Build Our Fortress
Are where we truly exist
Our illusions and conquests,
shield of thoughts persist.

Where Our Hearts Build Our Fortress
Will never ever be destroyed
A strong fortress never falls
If especially built with strong walls

Monday, February 3, 2014

Love of the Ocean

His eyes were blue as the ocean
salted water glittered his satin skin.
The sun stroke his hair with golden streaks
as he swam by my side like a merman.

 He stopped,  glancing  at me,
 “You are my princess”, were his words
as he slowly disappeared .

I searched as he vanished.
Could it be possible ,
was it my imagination
or a lovely dream ?

Since then I went to the sea ,
waiting for him to return,
his image in my mind ,
his words engraved in my heart .
Never saw him again .
Was it my imagination,
 was he a merman or was it the sea,
observing and talking to myself?
Or was it my image in the sea?


Sunday, February 2, 2014

Another day in Love

Musical Muse
Another day in love with your eyes
Another in love with your smile
Another day I think of you
Your the only reason why..

Another day to see you
Another day in my life
Where alls so beautiful
Like a diamond so bright

Another day in love
To celebrate the life I love
As you in dance my soul
Turning my heart gold..

Another day to live
Another day to love
Another day to say I love you
More than the sky above..
©Author/Lynda Ferrer /ARR/2014