Saturday, March 15, 2014

Memory of Love (Romantic Muse)

 It’s many years that have gone away
The snow has melt on my way
Your memory  has never fade
With your eyes everyday

Wish I’d know how you are
If the dreams you’ve carried far
The ones so pure in crystal token
 saved with love never broken

It’s hard to live without your love
The days are long my world  gone
My face captured in a small vase
The flowers died  were misplaced

When I hear  the words you spoke
I can not speak but I choke
My shadow hides in black skies
Searching love undisguised

You still exist  although not here
Because your love was tender dear
Thou destiny has broken the rule
With heartless bond that was so cruel.
©Author Lynda Ferrer/2014

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Beautiful Poem " Dreams "

As I wonder through illusions of time
I am certain that my life is passing by
My dreams are lost in fields of dark
Unreachable hopes lived but not caught

Although I continue my voyage alone
Where no ones there  no where to roam
My dreams still are my illusions
A vision full of  lost confusion

As long as I continue in life
My dreams are the best delight
My fantasy my world of beliefs
The world I invented to visit in my sleep

Without my dreams my life would end
No desires no romance no friends
So I continue traveling on the same road
So my dreams will follow me after I get old
CR/RR/2014 Author Lynda Ferrer

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Bird and the Willow (Poem)

Spread the word
the weeping willow
followed the lonely bird,
thus the bird felt alone
not anyone heard his morning song.

The willow listened through the night
how he sang magic tunes through twilight,
the stars dance the moon so bright
the bird observe no one at sight.

The bird stopped the lonely tune
the willowed mourned under the dark moon
the bird heard and asked him why
because no longer your tune at night.

Deep sorrow the bird confused
created by heart the most beautiful tune
the willow danced under the bright moon
the bird never felt lonely again in the lagoon.
©LF /2012

Sunday, March 9, 2014

High and low (musical muse)

Everybody wants to  feel high
Everybody wants to feel high
High in the sky
Like an eagle in flight

No matter what’s the night
Gotta be there alright
In dreams of solitary ambition
To cope with the suspicion

Going high falling low
Gotta get there
Where love goes

Party high party light
Being high makes you  bright
Takes you to fantasy land
Whereas dreams cover the sand

Doesn’t mean drugs will take you there
Power can be in the midnight air
From high to low you’ll learn the flow
As long as love in shadow shows…
By composer Lynda Ferrer /Rightsreserved

You're the Blame (Musical Muse)

Alone in myself
in my world

All was different
when you were near
the oceans called
the birds feared

But you decided
to leave me too
knowing our love
past through blues

They say it was me
who did it wrong
but you know
that I was strong

When the words you said
not loved anymore
were erased from your heart
torn me apart

I tried to save
your love that day
and all you did
was walk away

You're the blame
it's not the same
But I am sure
My love was pure
By Author Lynda Ferrer /copyright/2014/RR