Saturday, August 4, 2012


A dream, all white,

All the land white as snow,

trees covered with whiteness.

Pure white branches spread out in the ghostly horizon

like an angel in heaven, a dove immersed in the clouds..

White, pureness of souls, of spirits that float,

of the words untold.

Crystal white, cleanse my soul


absence of darkness,

glory ,vision of purity.

Beauty, imprints on my tired eyes,

the Immaculate color of life.

Tears cover the surface like milky waves,

Suds of holiness, of truth ,of God.



Stay with



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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tortured Heart

Tortured Heart

Punished by being unloved…..

She decides to say farewell…..

Her heart heavenly torn in pieces by a torturer,
who was her meaning of life.

He was the unique reason of her mornings and nights.
He made her feel happy and motivated in the darkest days of her life.

He seemed to love her more then she loved him.

He was the man who sang her songs, the gentleman who opened her door, the man who said I love you, who kissed her and promised her true love.

He made her feel beautiful, like a princess. He was her only company, the person who she gave her deepest thoughts to, but now all was gone……

“He just simply said one day “I don’t love you anymore”.

Her tears could fill the oceans.
Her heart was hurt very badly, it got sick, and there was no medication that could cure its illness.

All was over for her, loneliness was her company now, no one loved her anymore, and no one was there to sing her songs.

So today was the day of her farewell, she felt no love in the world ,….”so all must end", she thought.

She wrote a farewell letter that said” without love there is no me….
.Goodbye.. Loveless world…………….

She runs in the cold dark green ocean until she is seen no more, her note floats..

Later… her note was found by a fisherman …who brought it to her town.

The next day some people said she committed suicide because of depression..others said of it was because of her tortured heart..

copyright~LF 2012 RR♥

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lady Portraiture

Lady Portraiture

Sketch …..Softly my silhouette.
Imprint me as a model replica.
Trace my frontispiece.
Touch lightly my nose and lips.

Feel the dazzling ravishing curves of my corporal figure,
the stunning, symmetrical statuesque,
Sublime, glamorous, exquisite feminine, fiber,
twisted in elegant interweaved tissues.

Stroke the canvas of an angelic, fascinating portrait.
Shade it in the unknown, do it tenderly.
Refine the splendid lines blending the most alluring colors.
Lighten the sparks, the brilliant spaces to gleam,

When yet concluded this masterpiece of amour and
the beauty of this idol configuration is conserved,
he shall be remembered forever for his
Artistic piece the devoted creation”Portraiture”

Rights reserved

Monday, April 16, 2012



I cry at the shore
waiting for you .

everyone thinks I’m  insane.

Me, the lonely woman standing
every day waiting for my love one to return.

Ships go by I still hope your arrive,
remember you promised  that
you'd be back one day forever.

Even during storms I await, watching the horizon afar,
while my crystal tears drop in the ocean.

My only company, the sea,

When night arrives the
 moon ,
 stars ,
who were once our company  then,
await with me.

You’re not here anymore,

Is my waiting in vain, my darling?

I'm aging my hope is dying,
I guess promises can change and
never exist again.
But you told me to trust and believe,
that your promises are never broken.

The last ship leaves…
Shipwreck Memories

Ancient Kiss

Ancient Kiss

Kiss me
of Babylon.

You ,me
floating ,


Occult ,
far from
the kingdom,


The beam of light from our kisses
will show us how to escape.

The chilly waters will purify our lips,body and soul

Hold you breath,for this moment will be the last.

For we shall perish together.

copyright@2011 LF

Fierce Ocean

Fierce Ocean
Ocean ,
Powerful waves.
River bathes
the ocean's blueness,
slicing mud in
it's infinite barriers.
I feared you,
for you seemed
like a bloody,
furious sea.

Photo has copyright 2011 LF RR
photo by Lynda ferrer




revitalizing ,

bracing ,


besiege ,


boulevard ..





of a new




My eyes


blue moon,




beauty ,




flowing ,

glowing ,



The Sea and I

The Sea and I

Running in the sand’s smoothness
Adoring the warm massage to my feet,
Running from the cool waters,
Until the sea cleanse them neat.
Revitalizing sensation,
Prickles my skins reincarnation.
A hermit crab disappears in a nearby hole,
As Suds above the water floods his home.

I lay down, sunshine’s in my eyes,
The lustrous blue ocean encounters the horizon’s cry,
The waves sing stunning hymns of joy,
Birds emerge in compass joining the harmonic ploy.
I bury my feet in the deep sands of time,
Rejoicing golden beauty of the propitious gift of life.

Lynda Ferrer



I run to meet thee,
your ship arrives,
It’s very dark tonight,
this my tedious fight.

Can you wait,
today’s the day
I’ve waited for years
Please don’t sail away.

My blue tears show my fear,
This long agony, the years,
I’m running as fast as my feet can fly,
I try to fly high…
Birds watch in the blue, fierce, sky.

Please don’t leave me here,
help me in the darkness of this suicidal night

I’ll run to the end of my life
And if I fall and drown
for your ship is gone,
I will know then,
Your love was a sin.
 Copyright2012LF RR

On A Ship Of Ruins

On a Ship of Ruins

Ship of ruins with solemn loneliness aboard,
Destruction of a ghost ship that doesn’t sail any more.

Darkness in the ocean, the horizon red and sore,
Floating bodies everywhere, scattered in the water’s core.
The only sound that was heard, soft voices that painfully mourned,
On the deck of sorrows in the ship of bones.

A white veil, transparent, bloody silk gown hanging on a door,
A diamond ring rests on a window sill waiting for the groom’s allure,
Suddenly a black shadow kneels upon the wooden floor,
Caressing  the long-lost crown of the bride who exists no more.

The ship’s planks start squeaking, and a voice says “All aboard!”
Moving forward to the horizon, the ring falls on the floor.
A ghostly shadow follows the ring, running, running on,
The ring rolls and falls through a hole in the floor into a great salon.

Down goes the shadow to save all that was left,
When he thought he had it, he met with someone else.
A spirit  had materialized and was putting on  the ring
It was his lover singing the most romantic hymn.

He tried to convince her how he loved her so,
But she told him that she had gone long ago,
That she had returned to let him know,
How much she loved him ,with a love so bold,
That she had brooked death’s gap with devotion never known.

Seeing such affection and a love so true,
He finally took the courage to see he was a ghost, too.
It was many years since he had sunk to the bottom of the ocean blue
Beside his beloved fiancé before their honeymoon cruise.

On the night they were to marry on a ship greatly renowned
They died in a maritime tragedy of great renown.
And now as he embraced her to the sound of ghostly bells
The ghostly captain tied the vows of a love that had beaten hell.

accepted for publishing copyright2012LF

I Want to See the Sea After I Die

I Want To See The Sea After I Die

Sea, dead I see,
eternity I meet
above asleep,
below observed,
horizon, clouds
enormous tides,
ships arrive,
sun streaks peel
orange smoky sun rays in
blind eyes,

wings wet,

salted mouth
round, round

Seaweed, plankton
colorful swords cutting ,
rainbows passing,
spectrum of eternal

Shore, home,
far, dusty creamy surface,
brushing the waters feet,
covering it's ears as the wind
tries to sing its perpetual song.
 Abrace me in your warm arms of light,
cover me until I die.

Copyright2012LF RR

Navigating on Ocean's Darkness

Navigating on Ocean's Darkness

Frightful obscure frigid dark-green diluents,
balneal current rocking my bateau,
immersion, rippling, looping ,twisting struggling force.

I caress the deluge palpating the bleak, my fingers numbing, body shriving
it's iciness, contemplating it's immensity, beauty, darkness,
as it showers my face.

Wind blows, ocean whispers, hissing, murmuring, sighs
while the waves continue in its back forth motion.

Sudden silence,  sound of nothingness.
Dark, lunar lightness, shimmering stars.

Motion stops.
copyrightLF2012 (Published)

Shipwreck Memories


I cry at the shore
waiting for you .

Everyone says I’m crazy.

Me, the lonely woman standing
everyday waiting for my love one.

Ships go by, hoping of your arrival,
remember you promised,
you'd be back one day forever.

Even during  storms I await ,watching the horizon afar.

My only company ,the sea,
 horizon ,

When night arrives the moon ,
 stars ,
once our company ,
awaits with me.
You’re not here.
Is my waiting in vain ,my darling?

I'm aging my hope is dieing,
I guess promises can change and
never exist again.
But you told me to trust and believe.
That your promises never are broken.

The last ship leaves…
Shipwreck Memories