Thursday, March 12, 2015

High in low


High in low

For all my love
for all it brings
into your heart
flying wings

Without your smile
without your heart
nowhere to land
somewhere to fall

Life seems high
I feel so low
can’t reach the sky
failing the glow

Why must I depart
your love from my heart
why do you destroy
what sweet love started

Must I land low
when I can be high
kissing the skies
observing your eyes

Sunday, March 8, 2015

How do thou feel

How do thou feel

How do thou wander in dark nights
shadowed in pitch blue
no illusions true

How do thou not sleep
wandering in blue places
where the blues speak

How do thou not cry
no tears in eyes
blue pupil of lies

How do thou not feel
blue hearts heal
for all thats unreal..

Poetry Collection~by Brian Wrixon (author,publisher) Women of One World

 I am proud of being of being a part of this poetry anthology with other important poets
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