Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ghetto Cries

Listen  to voices from ghettos
dry coarse tones
The isolated trying to get there
Where not anyone knows

A child born in misery
seeking toys
in high class trash
searching joy

Mothers trying to survive
from the ghetto’s cry
A place she loves
  a run-down area
by society

She survives In the way she must
as she listens
 afar the ghetto’s  cry

Monday, December 30, 2013

Musical Muse ~Ask

 Ask the wind
If he’s seen me again
Hugging  hearts
Knowing it’s the end

Ask the moon
How I spend my hours
Searching for you
Covered with red flowers.

Ask the shore
If I visit once more
Where we met
Our oars ashore

Ask my heart
When can I start
To live once more
When love is apart

Ask me my love
how I really care
When all is dark
And your not there anywhere.

New Muse (pain) Soul Speech

Oh my lonesome soul
Where thy travel tonight
You shall know I was born
with ecstasy of sunlight skies…

Oh my lonesome soul
The thirst of lost love
Has invaded
Shadow in my heart

Oh my lonesome soul
May I speak of the love
I cherish
With care

Oh lonesome soul
born in starlight skies
dwell  on my lonely despair
  heart of brick

Oh my lonesome soul
Bring forth the courage
Of the one suffering
Whom loses faith in thee…
©Lynda Ferrer/2013/RR