Wednesday, June 25, 2014

kiss (poem)

kiss symbol of heart
of appreciation,art
sympathy for another
sometimes lover

kiss the trance of young
the devotion of old
motivation forgone
company so strong

Kiss the sleep
in ancient times
even the bravest
not resist the time

Kiss unforgotten
beheld in lips
eternal memory hides
the symbol of life

Passion in love
romance and charm
its beholding
strength and warmth
By Lynda FerrerRR./2014

Gray in Blue (song)

 Gray in Blue

I lost your love on the way
The journey was tough to stay
Better to live in heart
Than to break in gray

Blues and grays hang on you
Blues are hard grays are too
But as days pass by
Gray stays blues die

It was all my fault
Making me gray
loving you
Knowing you wouldn’t stay

So here I stand
Only in blue
But gray stays
In a heart that’s true
cause keeps loving you.
By Lynda Ferrer/copyright /RR/2014