Saturday, April 23, 2016

Better Without you (song)

Better Without you

Romantic heart
I’ll  speak before you start
All’s not your way
Don’t want you to stay

Words are not it all babe
Let’s speak about feelings
That’s where you should go..
you know

Don’t be Romeo
you don’t fool me anymore
Cause those I’ve heard before
Hypocrite liar shut the door

I don’t care
Where you go
Who you see
Charming king

Better to get  cold
 when you’re not here
Then feeling warm in tears
Cause you’re not sincere

I was in pain
And you didn’t care
Hitting my head hard
in my heart prayer

No happy ending
But this I fear
Better to be alone
Than with you dear

Friday, April 22, 2016

My Only Love -song

My Only Love

You will always be
my only love
Two hearts joined
in eternal love

You are all I need
my only one
You are the seed
which I believe

I’ll do anything 
you know I would
My love for you
 has always stood

 You’re the only one
 you light my life
I'll give you love
Cause all seems bright

You're my only love
My only one

Love Him

Love him like there's no other
know him like he's your brother
hug him like he's your only life
kiss him every day and night

Cherish his dreams and illusions
assist him in confusion
Be part of his heart & soul
be at his side until he's old and cold.

Love Never Fails

Love Never Fails

Love never fails
never dies
Just like a bird flies
high in the sky

Love is care
takes place anywhere
when love is true
like my love for you

Love's not a pass away
where you share
only rainy days
love's for everyday

Love like ours
meets at all hours
to feed our hearts
it has great power

LF/2016 /RR

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Time -Betrayer

Time -Betrayer

Time becomes ashes
as it flows  in the wind
Like a petal who
floats far away forever

Time can be harsh
When things are not planned
all soon is over
The world becomes colder

Time is a betrayer
that ends before wanted
The belief of the extension
Is defrauded in tension

Time elapses profoundly
Without consideration
Or explanation
Our agenda dies
Where our heart lies..

I’ll miss you

I’ll miss you

I’ll miss you
When the wind’s cold
I’ll miss you
when the rain falls

I’ll remember
That we had
The greatest love of all
Which still lives in me

I’ll miss you as silence speaks
No one to talk to
No one to kiss
and  my heart misses

You were my greatest love
The one I’ll remember after all
What we shared
When the sun called

I 've been in love
For ever more
LF/RR/2016/photo and poem