Friday, March 29, 2013


I wander through turmoil’s of iron.
Seeking the truth of this world of suffering.
My road, a tough, rocky one with unaccomplished battles.
The world as I see it now ,wasn’t the world I saw before.

A world of illusions where hope was real
now disappearing under ghostly expectations.
My spirit ,my heart and my body,
all are tired, wasted and dim~

I could have been and done better
but the regrets are not now my worry.
All I have left is an inactive action that beholds me
to rest in peace with God in my soul
and leave my turmoil’s behind~

For in this moment I soon will depart from
earth existence and meet the holy.
©Lynda Ferrer/2013

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Angel of the Hills

Angel of the Hills

Fresh water keeps your blessed figure,
vegetation maintains your pure life.
Your spirit is the gleaming sight
In my glorious blessed nights.

Your pureness, divine one,
I seek, watching you each day 
wandering which is your way,
as my heart searches to be with you today.

My Sheppard and spiritual guide,
Will you guide me to your precious light?
Through all the hard rocks, rivers and streams,
through my toughest nightmares and beautiful dreams.

For you are, my candle and my light.
You, please lead me to the hill of wonderful heights
and when I reach you, all will be right,
then I will sleep with the angels every night.

Lynda Ferrer