Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ode to Mother Teresa

Ode to Mother Teresa

Beloved crusader  for the poor
woman of charity and compassion
Server of the world under the lord
faithful truth in her  glorious actions

Unconditional love was her quest
pure sacrifices of her noble heart
Selfless service to the poorest  met
charisma  to the sick piously brought

Divine soul with a golden touch
in a journey of devotion truth survived
Caring the loving that lived and died
by standards of love shared so much

She sailed in turmoil the roughest of seas
over storms  and tides never ceased to plead
Prayed  above the grayest  skies
her ship ‘s  survival safely  arrives

She taught the world what it means to care
for every person and why we should share
The suffering of others comes  from others greed
this has to change it’s the  greatest need

Humility is the rose of the garden of life
which  grows  with care when the touch is right
This is why Mother Teresa ‘s garden so faithfully grew
perfumed  with roses  her whole life through

If only a grain of her love is well preserved
in everyone’s heart  to  care and serve
Humanity would not suffer or cry
For our souls well- kept will never die

©Lynda Ferrer/2013
Puerto Rico
 All Rights Reserved By Author
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