Thursday, October 17, 2013

I Left You

I left you
By the garden of love
Next to roses  of  hope
Next to I

I wanted to say bye
As I saw you cry
when I looked back
 good bye I denied

You stood there
Gallantly in despair
How to leave
What was always there
My ,love ,my life

Now I’m here all alone
Alone in my life
In my memories
Alone without you
My heart  suffers too.

©Lynda Ferrer/2013

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Heart of an Angel

Sweet and low
Her heart flows
In tender mind
Angelic kind

Flight far high
The darkest skies
Winds the tough
Harsh and rough

With broken wings
The song she sings
pure lyrics bring
to all kin

Solo she rests
in harmonic sighs
In sync with ones
Whose heart cries


You Left

You’ve gone away
with my heart you knew
I was in love with you

On the lonely days
How hard it is
To live without  you

People say
there’s someone new
you fell in love with too

She has the touch
That I don’t have much
In your gentle heart

Just wish that she
Treats you nice
In fire and ice

Maybe one day
You’ll see
How much I cared
The love I gave
From all my dreams

Then you’ll admit I was the one
Your greatest love of all.
©Lynda Ferrer/2013

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I Remember (Romantic Muse)

Lovely teardrops, thou see my eyes
 from my heart who solo cries
dew sleeps on morning lawns
wish you were never gone.

I lay down on sweet lawn
 to see the misty, foggy morn
little birds sing our song
in blue skies take me along..

Oh a tweet
my voice competes
this love song
forever long...

Darling how sweet it t'was
 thou not remember
the sky above
 in December was our special  love...

Cold as it was
you hugged me so
close to your heart
with moonlight glow

Your starlight eyes
at my surprise
spoke the words
that no one heard...

Thou love still in my heart mends
my heart cries the lonely end

True love kept in treasured dreams
for all my tears fill up the streams.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Roses Cry

 Roses cry

Roses cry lullabies
on sleepless nights of sorrow
when there's no tomorrow
to reach in nightfall bliss~

Roses witness of my love
gift on a rainy day
meant in hearts to stay
leaves in hearts afar

Petals die
while roses cry
when love flies away
with clouds on rainy days

Here I lie, my roses still cry
waiting for love to return
On the way I’ve learn
That roses cry, when love is denied.
Photo and Poem

Shallow hearts

Shallow Hearts weep
Floating in pain
When hearts sleep
Sinking in endless flame

My heart drowns
In  tears of hue
Thinking of you
How to get through

How to mend
a stitched heart
when the heart is torn
all apart.

Shallow Hearts weep
Floating in pain
When hearts sleep
Sinking in endless flame

Hearts sink in bottoms
Of profound waters
When all hope is lost
Drowning forever ,my thoughts.
©Lynda Ferrer/2013/RR