Monday, November 9, 2015

Why Deny (song)

Why Deny (song)

Talk to me softly
don't speak lies
why speak useless words
when all I do is cry

You thought I didn't know
curtains down no more show
actors without a stage
have no glow

I'm not gonna cry no more
I'm not gonna waste my tears
better being without you love
it's best to be real

Like dust that blows
and flies away
will clean it all
for a new day

Don"t deny to a broken heart
whats so simple to see
to justify your acts
now that I'm free

The lights go down
all I do is frown
this my last goodbye
I don't care if I cry

Appearance (beautiful poem)


I sat that night inside the old light less tower
It was time to wait for the solitary blessed hour
The sea curled black with emotion in the blindest sky
confusing cells destroyed with pain in absent mind

Bright star’s twinkle reflected in my tan reddish eyes
Stars slide escaping truths seeking where none lie
The moon appeared slowly frowning at the solitary night
but then observed and winked with its eyeless eye

Venus’ dance exploited in her twilight dress
this the dreary night held in my swollen chest
All the fainted memories tear down in distress
mainly the cherished ones the bouquet of the best

Memories of love laid in the blackest skies
you slept in the darkness of my ancient mind
opening golden gates of endless time
caressing words of wisdom with sweet lullabies

The horizon still awaits our mournful harmonious cry
two souls in ecstasies together when the midnight arises
People comment this appearance in the midnight sky
the vision of two spirits
meeting in each other there every night
Author Lynda Ferrer
  Puerto Rico