Saturday, February 1, 2014

From Heaven to Heart

 Lyrical Muse

I tried to make the world better for you
 loved the moon and kissed the sea
held a star higher than me
 showed you how strong love can be

I made your days as lovely as can be
Stood by your side endlessly
Warmed your heart when no one was there
Held you tight in the coldest air

Made the longest of days for you
I  was your sunshine when you were blue
Gave it all from  heaven to heart
My sacred love blessed in thought

Heaven in heart  is never fought
It’s the spirit of love that never departs
No matter how a voyage is caught
I remain loving you from heaven to heart.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

When I was young I was Bullied

By Author Lynda Ferrer

 When I was young
I was the smallest in my class
Living in public projects
Wasn’t an exciting blast

People called me names
Made me feel a shame
Being little was my defect
Was no playing game

I was bullied in the courtyards
Bully at school
Bully in my yard
Like a fool

Deep inside I felt very hurt
When they made fun of me
Wishing to be tall
So I could revenge and beat

I learned to be brave
Living those hard days
Where there wasn’t much love
For little people not saved.

God gave me the power
To ignore and defend
When people would affect me
Until the very end

What I really learned
Is an important gain
Better education in this aspect
is a need in society for respect

Monday, January 27, 2014

Midnight Lady

Musical Muse
Where am I gone
Is this called living
A midnight lady
All night chilling

Like living Cleopatra
In heart sonata
Up until dawn
Music tender charm

Lets do it now
All of us together
Anywhere whatever
Midnight lady here forever

Up all night
Down all day
Only way
To save the day….
©Lyrics by Author Lynda Ferrer