Friday, December 27, 2013

Mermaid Muse (New)

A mermaid
Quietly swims
Her mind full of pleasure
Of the beautiful world she sees
Peace silence and beauty surrounds her
Such a lovely place to be

She wanders how’s the world above
Should she visit it
To discover its beauty
Every time she reaches above
She observes the beauty it provides
In her orange eyes
But fears to reach the shore

She tries to be brave
And discover
What’s in the above world

At last one day she swims to the shore
Jumps out the water
Lays in the sand

Fishermen discover her
Take her away
She is never seen again.
Lynda Ferrer/CR/2013

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Will You Love her

Ode to the old

Will you love her when she's old
when her hair is white as snow
her face loses daytime glow

Will you love when she can't walk
in a bed and can't talk

Will you love her
when she can't hear
understand all is fear

Will you love her
when she cries
through her pain
on her side

Will you still love her
when she dies
visit her tomb
where her rests lie

Will you keep her memory alive???

Will you love her forever more??

Will you love her…………..

By Lynda Ferrer/cr/2013


I loved you among a morning flower
Loved you among the rain that falls
Love you among a willow floating
Love you among my heart that cries

Love you among birds that sing
among the hills and the trees
Love you among my heartless nights
dipped in sorrow as it spills…

Loved you among the inspired verses
When I fly in spiritual realms
Loved you among the highest loves
This love of mine will never die.
©Lynda Ferrer/2013