Saturday, May 25, 2013

Once more

Once more

 would love to play the melody
of our fainted lost times
when daffodils would dance
with eloquent musical chimes

as we dance hand to hand
under tender moon skies
our feet sliding together
until the sunlight arrived

our hearts sang together
tunes of splendid love chants
I , the poetical composer
of the lyrical romance

lovable tunes floating
in the midnight air
filled our hearts with love
in continuous despair...

oh melody of hearts
why can't I play anymore
a heart full of sorrow
doesn't dance for ever more...

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Behold the Morning

~ Behold the Morning ~

Behold the morning
blessed in light blue skies
behold the bird that sings
heavily in the skies

Behold the wind that caresses
through my reddish cheeks
the beauty of this morning
forever in memoir to keep.

Behold the sun that lightly shades
orange flowers seen
Kissing the horizon
with diamond like beams...

Behold my eyes today
that vision all the way
the beauty and  feeling
of the newborn day~
By Lynda Ferrer