Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What More There Be if Not Love

What more there be if not love
when hearts sink in mellow swamps
dripping teardrops in lakes of agony
suds floating away
washing away
 underground souls of buried dreams
Illusions  dumped into foreign streams…

What more there be if not love
To cherish more than the morning moon
Beauty of a butterfly that flies not cocooned
A starless night in blackest blue
Touching  shadows that don’t move

What more there be if not love
To caress a cheek of lovers in love
 Observing birds that fly above..

What more there be if not love
Hearts faint away in soulless ships
Seeking islands in fantasy trips…

What more there be if not love
When no ones there
To share
To  be
To  live
To express
Solo in me…
©lynda ferrer/2013

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lonesome Heart (muse today ,pain)

Oh how lonely are the hearts in despair
spirits dance in the silent air
losing love without tender care

Thou shall not suffer anywhere
 agonizing dead hearts do mend
redemption of what’s not there

Oh, thou love in rubies lie
bathe in petals like sunny skies
token preserved with brilliant eyes

oh how lonely thy walk
in shadows of swords aching hearts
gossip of ruins chapel of worst talk

Oh how lonely ,the wind pass thy by
without a kiss all is denied
as you hold sacred dreams inside..

Oh how lonely the ghosts
company of my lonesome days
seeks the resurrection at my way...