Saturday, May 3, 2014

Audio recordings  poems and songs~Spoken Artist and Author Lynda Ferrer
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 My Heart Belongs to You

Love Blooms


 Soul Dance

I Remember

 The End

Love Goes

 Will Never End

Midnight Train  ~Hip Hop Song

 As Long as We Have Love
Memories of Love (rock)
The Endless Torching
I'm Puerto Rican (Rap)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pain in Trust (Spiritual Poem)

The lonely strive and hide
in murky scenes of lust
hearts pound with fear
Humanoids feast near

Ere for the mislaid who cry
salvation will thrive
Essence arise
In highest divine

Optimism acquired
of the
By Lynda ferrer/RR/2014

I’m Puerto Rican (Poem comical irony)

He ask me so
I told him no
Are you American
No I’m Puerto Rican

Then why English you’re speaking
I just told you I’m Puerto Rican
New York Rican
No I just said Puerto Rican

American you seem
 your skin so light
Listen man can’t you understand
It’s mix race in a happy land

Now let’s see
 Can you dance for me
Just put on salsa
And there I’ll  be

So I see you can dance
The Puerto Rican Dance
But how about a chance
with Puerto Rican romance

You don’t have romance
For any little chance
The women think
With their brain not enhance

If men don’t respect
We put on our caps
Of bravery and respect
and then we slap

By Lynda FerrerRR/201

Monday, April 28, 2014

Petals and Thorns (song)

Give me love
like feathers of a dove
please shut my eyes
until the last night

Sleep in petals
that cover my heart
escaping the thorns
in early morns

Dance with me
in far eternity
when petals fall
like raindrops call

Petal and thorns
my love is warned
hearts are loved
but hurt in thorns..
Lynda Ferrer/RR/LF/2014