Saturday, May 31, 2014

Enter to listen a new high rated song with Spanish Poetry titled " Hungry Town
English lyrics voice /Ronnie Wrenchbiscuit,Spanish Lyrics voice Lynda Ferrer
copy and paste above link,scroll down select Hungry Town

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

When Love Calls

Was raining on a sunny day
 flower odors filled the air
I went outside to pick a flower
as the rain wet my hair

I love you more than flowers love rain
Like the sun that shines over terrains
But if only I could see your face
You’d know my love  has place

But when it rains on sunny days
All is strange
Its hard to get through
Because Ill never be with you

You save me the days
You’re always there
Although not in image
But in thought and heart

 In my world I have to accept
When the sun comes out the rain must fall
Life does what it can
When love calls…
By Lynda Ferrer

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Some Dreams Don’t Come True

Some dreams never come true
We can dream with love
We can die for love
And cry for love

Some dreams never come true
Giving up isn’t easy to do
Existing without you
is all illusions in blue

Today you shattered my dreams
Taking away all it seems
All I dreamed with you
My heart my love you too

Was so easy when we were together
you followed me everyday wherever
you were there forever
now without you there’s no dreams ever.
BY LF/May/2014/RR

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Distant Voice (English Translation from Spanish poem)

I heard your voice a thousand times
but couldn't hear you
I don't know why
I lost you

On a sunny morning
while I was lost
I heard your voice
no one heard

You sound far like the wind
and distant like time
I had forgotten your voice
I didn't know it was you

Your voice enclosed mystery
was like a lover who missed
the women he loved
and with whom he dreamed

I understood you were searching
but you couldn't find her
perhaps because you betrayed
and became ashes
by Lynda Ferrer R/R/2014