Thursday, July 17, 2014


slowly I pass away
the shattered dreams
where I met in you

 yellow pages
torn out
in blues

non-kept dreams
dead in illusion

empty shadows
my soul

drowning verses
of yesterday...
By Lynda Ferrer/RR

Wish You'd Loved Me ( song muse)

Wish you'd loved me
like I love you
truths in fault
will always be

Wish you'd kiss the sky
like I did that night
when you were near
by my side

You were my only shinning star
the one I'd search  for
the rest of my life

and even if you didn't love me right
this heart and me will always be
even if I lose my life

Now that I have nothing and nothing to be
I wished that you'd love me
like I love you

To hold you
in my dreams
and not let you
run away

I need you here
my love so right
forever being
missing you ...


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Drowning in Tears

Hours of darkness
placate the pain
along pours the rain
drowning my brain

Tears  dry
in restless eyes
damaged by wounds
Injured and cocooned

I rest of fear
drowning  in tears
my essence underwater
in search for spiritual cheers

Slowly I sink
in the heart of the sea
the tears complement me 
 in foreseen prophesy