Saturday, August 30, 2014

Never Existed

Never saw the sunlight in you hair
never felt your smile
Never felt the warmth in your arms
nor saw you cry...

T'was you weren't part of me
like the river isn't the sea
we lived individually
each in ones heart separately

If I could go back in time
and dance with you again
would feel the same
and it would still end

When a woman is mistreated
and love is forced
love leaves forever
and is eternally lost..

So don't try to do
what you never did
all I can do is forgive
the life we never lived...
Author LyndaFerrer/RR2014

I'm Blue (Musical Muse)

 (Musical Muse)

I'm blue
like the sky
like your eyes
in a star lighted night

I'm blue
like a guitar
that plays at night
in the lonely air

Got the blues
in my shoes
just can't get through
living without you
By Author Lynda Ferrer/RR/2014

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Deep in Down

When you're down
all seems wrong around
Your heart beats fade away
just like gloomy days

No one can resolve
as it comes goes
No one knows
How your heart closes

I know the reason now
but sometimes I don’t  
It’s just a feeling too deep
that smothers my glow

How to depart it
when it tears you apart
sinking your soul
making it cold

Fear attacks
and always comes back
how to hide
if  all is black

Slowly pieces you become
that fly away with the wind
pieces you wish come back
but never return
Author Lynda Ferrer August 28,2014

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lady Portraiture

Sketch …..Softly my silhouette
Imprint me as a model replica
Trace my frontispiece
Touch lightly my nose and lips

Feel the dazzling ravishing curves of my corporal figure
the stunning symmetrical statuesque.
Sublime glamorous exquisite feminine fiber
twisted in elegant interweaved tissues.

Stroke the canvas of an angelic fascinating portrait.
Shade it into the unknown, do it tenderly
Refine the splendid lines blending the most alluring colors
Lighten the sparks, the brilliant spaces to gleam,

When so concluded this masterpiece of amour and
the beauty of this idol configuration is conserved
he shall be remembered forever for his
Artistic piece the devoted creation”Portraiture”


Rights reserved

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I Saw her Again (youth to age)

She ,was beautiful
must I let her know
Time has caught up on her..

Her ,a beautiful dame
small waist, light eyes
lovely hair
All gone…

The poetical one
who danced with the trees
and smelled like a rose
has lost her charm ….

Her, who sang the sweetest melody
ever sung now unheard
who wrote the precious poems
now washed away from heart tides~

The one who never gave up
Still feels young at heart
Still motivated in love…

I have to say
is not the beauty
She was..

I must say time
has caught up on her
and my, has she changed~

The rainbow of time
rushes away from the sky
and doesn’t leave much behind..
By Lynda Ferrer/CR/2013

Ode to the Lonely

To the lonely souls
Forsaken in miseries
In desolate sorrow…

Deprived from company
attention, interest

To the lonely ones
Kings of the past
Tortured in present…

The seekers of conversation
Bleak ones losing
deprived of all..

To the lonely ones

To the lonely ones
Whom we must

To the lonely ones
The sick and old..

To the lonely
Ones …..

Hope these lines
create consciousness
in thee.
By Lynda Ferrer

If the wind would only know

If the wind would only know…
the love I felt for you
how I held you in my arms
how I melted when you kissed…

If the wind would only know
the secrets whispered in my ear
the verses you wrote
the color of your skin..

If the wind would only know
your eyes like shinning stars
Your lips a velvet moon
smile like the white sky

I f the wind would only blow…
So I could tell her
how I miss you so…
And bring you to my arms
To never let you go…
©Lynda Ferrer/2013

Love Thee

I love thee more than the morning sky..
Love thee more than my life, before my silent eyes..
Love thee more than trees bloom in Spring
birds that hide and lovely sing.

I will love thee from now to then
among my loves and my friends,
love you more than my moonlight nights
cuddling the stars in hugs of ice.

My promise is committed this day to thee
Similar to the ocean in the midnight breeze,
thou should have a perfect love
who rests and cares with all above..

Darling, my love , this voyage
committed forever more ...

Even if eternity is calling
at the last open door
My heart will never forget

 this love remembered
  in memories forever more.
©Lynda ferrer/2012

When All Dies

When the old
plead for more time…

When all dies
and hunger invades…

When there isn’t cure for the ill
and plagues domain human…

When love no longer exists
and the young are unborn…

When the sun burns the grounds…

When we lie to die…

When other worlds
invade our minds
and eternity is lost in time….

We will see the unique answer
Of why we existed….
©Lynda Ferrer/2013

Down (alliteration)

Deep Dark Dawn
Diminished Down Darling
Dandelions Danced in the distance
Dwelling dull departures
Doth you and Dawn delay
the Daily Dark heart
Destiny departed..
By Lynda Ferrer

Lost Treasure

I loved him more than the morning sun
he passed away one day on a rainy night
My heart cried his loss he was the only one
that fulfilled my life , made me strive to live...

My eyes cried to fill the ocean blue
no one in my life was so true
my heart never sealed the beat it lost
I buried the treasure God had brought..

Oh how I mourn the lonely days
his love was my seed, my life, my day..
Memories erased at the ocean shore
alone with my tears forever more...

Oh how wonderful it would be
to live the past like I lived before
the soft melody of the ocean roars
to be with you like before..

Miss you my love~
By Lynda
Ferrer CR/2-13 RR

Diamond seas

Inspirational Poem

I can not travel on diamond seas
For if I believe more that I can conceive
Would lose my royalty and beliefs

Expectations sometimes are dreams
Which haunt our hearts at night
Exalting our illusions out

I  acknowledge the potential
Of where can I stand
Without false illusions and dreams

As I travel in a sea of adventures
In thoughts of the experiences of my life
I anchor my heart where truth will be part

 I sail in the diamond seas
Trying to collect the value of them so
Although some will not understand
 the way I need to go.
By Author LyndaFerrer/2014

Monday, August 25, 2014

From Youth to Old

  ( musical mood )

When I was young
things were so kind
the beach was my love
 the horizon my life

I danced with the waves
danced in the wind
ran in the sand
trying to reach the end

But when things change
 nothing seems the same
the life we had
leaves just like
pouring rain...

I loved the life I lived
although I'm not living now
life gets heavy in tears
when you can't touch the ground

But I still celebrate the years
when I was young and alive
remembering the tears
I suffered now left aside..
To You Today..Author LyndaFerrerRR/2014

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Silent Skies (poverty and war)

 Silent skies
please my eyes
silence reigns
 the plantation

Unique mysteries thrive
human lives
in a wondrous world
where I exist

A life to wonder
why thunder
strikes the humble
who die at night

In destruction and obscurity
Optimism remains
A prospect of change
When all’s slain

These the brave ones
Born in no land
With no name
No home
No love…
No hope
By Author Lynda FerrerRR//2014

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                                                           Beauty is in a poet's soul..