Saturday, February 15, 2014

Wait at Ocean tide

Wherever you go
I will wait for you
Time will tell
How long I do

When you love
Loves forever
 how long it takes
 love never makes mistakes

Forever and ever more
My heart will wait
love can never be late
when it's solid at heart

Although this journey
is hard to to follow
My love for you will stay
and never depart away

A thousand moons may pass by
in memory of the nights we survived
waiting for you deep inside
like a ship on ocean's tide

I will wait until the moon hides
under the horizon and blue sky
until your ship arrives
In arms of the ocean tide..

Friday, February 14, 2014

Won't Forget (Romance)

Well this time I didn't forget
You still are in my dreams
you my most loved
in memories kept

Your rose smile
in silence lies
beautiful memories
all still alive

You were always
the master of my eyes
man of my life
gallant design

If my soul wouldn't love you so much
I wouldn't drown in tears
for this lost love
pleads to see you again

But the cruel destiny
took your love away
while I cry at night
mourning to see you tonight
Lynda Ferrer /RR

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Early Inspiration

Love thee nature

Love the beauty of morning skies
the birds that fly before my eyes
the chant I hear in my ears
the clouds that shine sharing cheers..

Love the trees  kneeling on the terrain
the flowers that smile when it rains
the beautiful sound of silent skies
birds that share, rush and fly..

Love to know the sun arrives
gold touching in heaven skies
bathing warmth to all below
every flower feels the glow.
  ©Author LyndaFerrer/2014

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tribute to Shirley Temple (RIP)

Sorry to know the death of Shirley Temple  

Sweet lovely girl,
golden as her curls and
best tap dancer in the world.

The child with a beautiful smile,
that walked down Hollywood’s aisle.

I admired her movies,
How she dance and spoke
With her dimples so pretty
And her funny jokes.

The power of a queen
The twinkle in her eyes
kept me enchanted
I adopted her smile.

I dreamed to be like her
To sing like she did,
To be a famous actress
And live like she lived.

What beautiful hopes
she inspired in me ,
as I was a child ,she was my dream.

So today I made my curls,
I want you to see
my picture remembering hers ,
The beautiful child I wanted to be.

By Lynda Ferrer

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cold Lover

How many times
I’ve told you
To love me through
Like my heart loves you

Cold lover
Colder than the night breeze
Cold as iced trees
This hurt you offered me

I loved you in the rain
Loved  you in the snow
Love you more than anyone
This you didn’t  know

Cold lover
 you never kept me warm
because  your  iced heart
froze my soul with harm..
©lynda Ferrer/2014