Saturday, October 25, 2014


 My only love 

 the one I had in my dreams
 who was perfect
who expressed love

I imagined this love
in someone
but was never true

He satisfied my thirst for love
in an illusion

He who made me feel
who wrote love letters 

 who cared for my heart
 knew me deep inside
 who saved my life..

Author Lynda Ferrer/2014

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Love Does ( poem or song)

Love doesn't vanish like the wind
nor like a boat in the sea..
True love stays in hearts

Love’s  like an ocean
 deep wide and free
tender like the tide
 calmed as the breeze

Love travels in many streams
struggling to survive
 current  away
from tears that fly

Love reaches the shore
when there’s more
along with warm arms
hidden in the sun

Love can be fierce just like a lion
When it survives storms
Continuing journey
Reaching horizons

I Love him (song)


I love him
He’s my sky
The only guy
with me tonight

Like the moon that shines
the stars at night
He’s is my light
when wrongs not right

I love his lips
and love his smile
Love his kiss
makes me alive

I love him
just like the ocean
loves the sky
covering the tide


I love him
Forever be
Because loving him
Is loving me..

To You
Author LyndaFerrer/RR/2014