Monday, February 9, 2015

As I Sit by Your Side

As I Sit by Your Side

As I sit by your side
I think about
all the dreams
we had together

Dreams of love
Illusions of time

Time has shown
dreams die
Love uncovers
the play disguised

As I sit by your side
I discover the misery of life
Illusions fly
and die

I thought I knew your heart
was only a hidden shadow
Which I denied
and couldn’t find

As I sit by your side
your conscious sighs
When there’s no light
or heart to find

The Way it Was

The Way it Was

So I’m lonely once again
Who cares
Why cry
Silent tears always die

I gave you all
I had

Gave you all
I kept

There’s no turning back
not like the way it was
Perfect perfection
was my connection

Now my heart sorrow
plays a musical tune
where only you were
living so cool

So I'm on my way
cause I can't stay
or have you anyway
waiting  for better days