Saturday, August 3, 2013

Love Thee

Romantic Musing~♥

Love Thee

I  love thee more than the morning sky..
Love thee more than my life, before my silent eyes..
Love thee more than trees bloom in Spring
birds that hide and lovely sing.

I will love thee from now to then
among my loves and my friends,
love you more than my moonlight nights
cuddling the stars in hugs of ice.

My promise  handed  this day to thee
Similar to the ocean in the midnight breeze,
thou should not have such a perfect love
who rests and cares with all above..

Darling, my  love ,  this voyage
committed forever more ...Even if eternity  is calling
at the last open door
my heart will never forget this, love
lasting core.
©Lynda ferrer/2012

If the wind would only know

Romantic  ~ Musing ~

If the wind would only know

If the wind would only know…
the love I felt for you
how I held you in my arms
how I melted when you kissed…

If the wind would only know
the secrets whispered in my ear
the verses you wrote
the color of your skin..

If the wind would only know
 your eyes like shinning stars
Your lips a velvet moon
 smile like the white sky

I f the wind would only blow…
So I could tell her
how I miss you so…
And bring you to my arms
To  never let you go…
©Lynda Ferrer/2013

A Heart of Lace (for mistreated woman)

I remember how the sun shone
on her face
blinding her eyes in disgrace
It was much the pain she suffered
being an unappreciated wife..

Although she was a pretty woman
her old vestiment didn’t exalt
her lovely body
the dress she wore,
most the time during her chores.

Seldom, she saw the sunlight, sky
Her job, children and husband
Were it all…

Her days were very long…
She went to bed late
because of her responsibilities
as a mother …

She would have liked to study more
write poetry
and novels
but no time left for this..

All she received was negative
for all her cares
She was little by little
mistreated more than hurt
ashamed for what she was going through..

She really had a heart of gold
but was judged of having a heart of hate…

Now her older ,her children adults
husband partially humble
She writes
Sees the sunlight and sky

Husband does the deeds
She’s free
And understands God
has/had a purpose for her in this world..

~ Dedicated to all woman that suffer and are mistreated~

“Never ever lose hope he is there by you side”
By Lynda Ferrer©/2013

Elasped ~homeless

Muse ~on ~wings/2013

Elapsed~ homeless

Grimy, dissuade
injured, pale


Uninvited guest
cracked nails


Painful scraped face


Below rainy
cardboard nights
eyelids rust
everlasting insomnia

Elapsed figure


©Lynda ferrer/2013