Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I Remember Do You

I Remember Do You

I remember how I loved you
Do you remember
It was such a sacred love
a unique one

Do you remember the nights
 we shared melodies of

Do you remember
Our dreams
Our plans
Our promises

No one else knew
Only I and you

Do you remember
When I told you so
I would never let go
my feelings for you

Do You remember
How I loved you
How I cared

Now my tears
Still cry
during each year
and never dry..
Missing you..my heart remembers too.

If My Dreams

If My Dreams

If my dreams could carry me away
I’d ask them to bring me to a land and stay
 where love really exists
In human hearts

If my dreams would be true
I’d tell them how much
I live
In love with you

If my dreams would fly with me
into eternity
I would believe
the time has come
like a lovely shinning star
along my wish to be
in reality

Sunday, February 14, 2016

When I’m Gone

When I’m Gone

The sun will not shine
When I’m gone
The rain may not pour

Life will be meaningless
Without my eyes
Through my eyes
you saw the sun

There will be sorrow
In your days
No one to hold
Or praise

My departure will be
Your long lost
But forever I’ll live
in your heart