Saturday, October 26, 2013


Am I the queen of your dreams
who converts sentiments  to love
the one you’ve been searching for
Every moment in life

Do you have me in your heart
Am I the illusion of your starry nights
The woman who shares your moonlight
Have I been the one for you

Do you miss my face, my words
Am I beautiful  on rainy days
Do you call out my name
When nights are dull

Am I the queen, your inspiration
Your only love, your emotion
Your poetry ,your song
In willow days of grief

Am I the queen who dances
In your heart ,your hand in mine
Holding each other
In timeless dreams
I will surrender my heart
©LyndaFerrer/2013 Rights Reserved

Friday, October 25, 2013


Could you possibly feel
the love you felt, the love I feel
When love was true
and love was real

All my dreams ,all I knew
poured from my heart to you
It was so perfect

Until it blew

In chariots of fire
It all began
You were my love
In soul light clues

Our hearts danced
Such lovely romance
Our souls sang
The love it brought

Could you possibly feel
the love you felt, the love I feel
When love was true
and love was real

Monday, October 21, 2013

I Will be Nearby

Romance in Muse~

When teardrops fall
On meadows of blues
When hearts sing blissful tunes
Melodies float toward the moon

Skies scream I love You
The wind embraces my soul
Capturing the care I beg
The romantic fantasy I embed

The horizon glitters the ocean
Deluge rests at the seashore
As the warmhearted sun beholds
The precious sensation of devotion

Where faithful hearts finally convene
I will be nearby
©Author Lynda Ferrer/2013 /RR

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Rain With Tears

I Touched your face
under the falling rain
Confusing rain with tears
as my heart bleeds in pain

Every drop a scar
falling  below the stars
The love we had
The love we loved

Teardrops fall on cloudy days
When wet hearts chill cold
 joining nights all the way
as gold hearts turn old

Rain pours in my heart
pieces break apart
As teardrops stop
Drying in  hopeless dreams.
©2013 Author Lynda Ferrer