Monday, March 14, 2016

Memories~ wounded Heart

Memories~ Wounded Heart

Wounded heart

 with light brown hues
drifting in mists
 through faded distant hills

A silent figure awaited
the love astray long ago

 A midst soul 
 reflected by sun rays
in warmth
flushing memories
the beauty of hearts
tender moments that depart

Yesterday’s smiles
shade in moonlight
mirrors of love frosted
in romantic waves
bathed souls…

Laughter inside walks
in charcoal moments
reveries treasured
in a wounded heart…


Sunday, March 13, 2016

Like a River to the Sea

Like a river to the sea
I'll always be with you
like the sun is to the morn
the rain is to the storm

Like a rainbow in the sky
 I'd follow your eyes
on a journey at night
in skylines moonlight

Like the power of a king
my heart will sing
protecting your love
blessing it eternally

Like a flower in rain
My love will remain
Like a cloud who floats
in the ocean like a boat