Thursday, August 15, 2013


the last twinkle in the sky
the moon above
you ,I

the lovely gentle breeze
pushing forward
through the driest trees

the love cherished in bouquet words
gathered hearts
with burning torch

oh remember rainy days
we danced with
the highway maze

Street lights slicing beams on our face
in dark alleys distant waves

how lovely the flowers sang
was it love or was it flame

Oh these moments forever gone
wish time returned when you were home

For now I mourn in vacant rooms
but your image never consumes
©Lynda Ferre Velez/2013

Ode to the Lonely

To the lonely souls
Forsaken in miseries
In desolate sorrow…

Deprived from company
attention, interest

To the lonely ones
Kings of the past
Tortured in present…

The seekers of conversation
Bleak ones losing
deprived of all..

To the lonely ones

To the lonely ones
Whom we must

To the lonely ones
The sick and old..

To the lonely
Ones …..

Hope these lines
create consciousness
in thee.
By Lynda Ferrer

When All Dies

When the old
plead for more time…

When all dies
and hunger invades…

When there isn’t cure for the ill
and plagues domain human…

When love no longer exists
and the young are unborn…

When the sun burns the grounds…

When we lie to die…

When other worlds
invade our minds
and eternity is lost in time….

We will see the unique answer
Of why we exist….
©Lynda Ferrer/2013

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Romancing in Muse~2013


There were times
when I would just
want to
look at your face,

the reason I was alive
for whom I survived
you the sunshine in my eyes
the one that made me smile

You were my dream
come true
How I wished to hold you
In my arms..

My heart grew like a flower
In fertile ground
T’was the times when all
was so beautiful
So true

The nights were warm
The days were long
All my happiness
Was you

But as all dreams
Don’t come true
I lost my love for you…

Only the wind knows
How true love grows
In gardens of gold
how lonely I am

My nostalgic love
Without you…

~Thinking of you…