Thursday, April 17, 2014

I know You Now (Song & Poem)

It’s hard to know a stranger
 one you thought loved
the person you believed in
 more than all above

 How well people disguise
who they really are
 How they betray you
you not being so far

It’s funny to see
how they make us believe
when we’re so blind
because we have the need

We loved them deep inside
We give them all our world
believing they are true
but life gives us the clue

Wish  the truth would come
at the beginning
so we wouldn’t suffer
in dark alley endings

What I want to know
how can they be so untrue
Then  expect for  forgiveness
when they weren’t true

Not anything can repair
the hurt provoked internally
Love isn’t the same
nor will exist in eternity

When denial comes
truth is discovered
 love is destroyed
Forever to one another~
Written by Author Lynda Ferrer/2014 RR

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

He Was Loved by Nature

He was loved by nature

Loved by the roses
 who knew his love
witness him grow

The birds who followed him
through valley of tears
 the worst years

He was king of the hills
that felt him run
in the hot sun

 Trees were there
 when not anyone cared
with extended branches
offering chances

He was loved by the moon
the darkest nights
when there wasn’t
anyone in sight

He was loved by the ocean
when he was blue
Baptized him through

He was loved  by God
Who made nature for man
showing his love
from his hands
to  our lands

Nature is from God
and God is in nature…

Written By Lynda FerrerRR©/2014

An Artist’s Passion (Poem)

I admired his passion
As he expressed

His hands, oh his hands
preformed an artistic piece
preformed with such beauty

An artist with passion in his eyes
His heart

I watched him quietly
Through a winter door

He carved from fantasy to reality
a subtle piece of his thoughts
that emerged from scars

I perceived the pain
he expressed
as I observed
wanting to
soothe his pain…

Thou I couldn’t interrupt
his creation of thoughts

At last he finalized
The artistic piece concluded

Should I dare to
go in

In his privacy
In his thoughts
His passion

I went closer

slightly touched his hair
humid by sweat...

He smiles
and lifts the
concluded piece of art..

I observed

Was Jesus…
Written by Lynda Ferrer (Fiction)RR/2014

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Memories of Love

(Romantic Muse, Musical)

The years have gone far away
snow has melted on the way
Your memory has never faded
Still see your eyes everyday

Wish I knew how you were
If the dreams you’ve carried far
ones so pure in crystal token
saved with love never broken

Hard to live without your love
days are long my world gone
My face captured in a small vase
where flowers died all misplaced

When I hear the words you spoke
I can not speak because I choke
My shadow hides in dark black skies
Searching love that misery hides

You still exist although not here
because your love was tender dear
Thou destiny has broken the rule
With heartless a bond
that life made cruel.
©Author Lynda Ferrer/2014