Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Gone With the Rain

Rainy day,

cool wind, whirling, whistling

a love note floating, fast, fading in a puddle,

dropped, dripping,

soften, smeared,

raindrops fall, fainting,

note sad, silently,s mearing ,

letters vanishing,

note of huge, humble, heartbreak,

daily dared ,deception.

Memory of fierce, forgotten lines

expressions as fire to a heart of rain.

Words, hopeless words,

to a thirsty heart of loyalty, love.

A note only read by its receiver,

from a deceiver.

A note that sank her heart

into the biggest bottom of the ocean,

that made her become a woman of iron.

The last note of her mildewed, memories ,

last, lonely, encounter, last belief.

Rain, raining ,rather harder,

the note drifts, down the darkest drains.

copyrightc2012LF RR