Wednesday, July 1, 2015



My eyes loved you
More than my heart could cry
Although I always denied
How much I loved you too

The misery of many years
Made all my dreams turn tears
As I kept on loving you
All my life through

Hold my heart through hope
The best way to cope
The new  life I live
With less to give

Was living too long
Where love wasn’t fair
useless words blew away
Like the wind in the air

How now to carry on
When life is no song
With heartaches and mourns
 past memories now gone
LyndaFerrer©2015/RR~no infringed copyright on photo

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Afterwards Pain

Afterwards Pain

All  floating
She tossed over one by one
 her love was neither there

There she stood
soaking her feet in mud
consenting  dreadful tears of love

A waving  good bye
Vision in far away eyes
Disappeared that night

Looking back today
at the black day
this all I can say

She still remains mumbling insane
never to return again.
LF/©2015 no infringe copy on photo