Saturday, April 11, 2015



Today I smile
my pain washed away
with the sea 
It floated far away
from me

I searched for it
now gone
to an ancient island

I the new one
that I've become
fierce as wind
warm as the sun

Have learned on the way
what I suffered yesterday
means less today
By Lynda Ferrer/RR/ Photo /Poem2015

Friday, April 10, 2015

Nostalgic Departure

Nostalgic Departure

In my heart love cries
 love of yesterday
where love once lied

In my heart I still feel
your arms so tight
kept in sealed

In my dreams
 you're still there
your spoken words
within the air

The poem you wrote
in my heart
will never fade
not a part

So on I plead
the morning sun
to bring you near
before it's gone

They're rainy days
along my way
to face away
 where I remain

A flower kept
 a vase of charm
 forever here
where it belongs

Lynda Ferrer/RR/2015

Monday, April 6, 2015



The wilderness of your tears
touch my heart slightly
 While your kisses kiss my lips
tenderly and lightly

The eternal bliss of desolation
 offers my heart
little or no consolation

The mournful days of silence
calm the cries of my tomorrows
The wrinkled leaves fall
in the ageless nights of sorrows

As the dawn rays bathe my soul,
I miss your tender words
 once more but my deaf ears hear no more
I can’t tolerate anymore

My blind eyes can’t perceive,
the magic beauty of your face
 and more than all the worst part is
my love is a lost case.

When I try to touch you near
 You tend to disappear
I shouldn’t have love you too much darling
 and less continue here.