Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A kiss, a flower and you (song)

The kiss I gave you a
 my last token of love
 symbol of words unspoken
 sentiments of my soul

The flower I shared
my only gift of love
was the beautiful sun
vision of your eyes

A kiss and a flower
was our goodbye
the words which said
memories of our times

~    Chorus  ~

A kiss a flower and you
made my dreams come true
soft tender as love
sentiments of my true heart

Monday, September 22, 2014

My Country (poem)

In my country
there is sorrow
pain runs through plains
 in burials
ancestors lay

In my country
hope is less
our children
lose values
because they sleep

In my country
illusions die
writers and artists
are set aside

In my country
peace fades away
with little or no values
laws set the way

This my country today
mourning for yesterday to return
when all had meaning
respect for others reigned

I cry the tears today
the desire for my country
to obtain its lost.