Friday, April 19, 2013


The wilderness of your tears
touch my heart slightly,
While your kisses, kiss my lips,
tenderly and lightly.

The eternal bliss of desolation,
offers my heart
little or no consolidation.

The mournful days of silence
calm the cries of my tomorrows,
The wrinkled leaves fall
in the ageless nights of sorrows.

As the dawn rays bathe my soul,
I miss your tender words, once more,
but my deaf ears hear no more
I can’t tolerate anymore.

My blind eyes can’t perceive,
the magic beauty of your face,
and more than all, the worst part is
my love is a lost case.

When I try to touch you near,
You tend to disappear
I shouldn’t have love you too much, darling,
And less continue here.