Saturday, October 18, 2014

No Regrets

You’ll be remembered as
 the precious love of my life
Although you never touched my lips
you touched my heart

You knew me inside
 lifted me when I was down
the only light of my days
when dark drowned

Will never forget
how you entered
deep in my soul
healing crying wounds

Never will I forget
This prohibited love
Nor I will regret
The words  I told..

To you
With love

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Just Like


Just like a flower hangs on a tree
swinging in sweet melody
It will remind you of me
and the love I shared with thee..

Just like Autumn leaves that blow
dancing on orange morning grounds
It will remind you of me
and of my love so profound....

Just like the rain that softly falls
on tiny tulips that call
It will remind you of me
 my tender heart in all...

Just like the twinkle of a star
holding the moon afar
It will remind you of me
when in your arms I crawled...

Just like the ocean breeze
that flows through the tide
It will remind you of me
what you felt by my side.....

Just like lasting eternity
that persists through destiny
you won't forget me
because true love remains...
By Lynda Ferrer photo and poem/CR/RR/2014