Friday, September 5, 2014

Survive or Die

Poem Sept 5,2014

I can't sleep with the willows
on a windy day
they are blown away

If I would decide to do so
I'd fly high above
like snowflakes in snow.

I could travel far away
in the skies high
light like a feather
in slow pace wherever

I would like to know thou
where would I land
would it in be in a child's hand
or in a beautiful flowered land

Would I die
or survive
rebirth or mourn..
By Author Lynda Ferrer
All Rights Reserved/2014

Be Mine Always


You were my inspiration
the lyrics of my song
The only good shelter
when I was alone

I’d count your words
the whole night through
Put them in my hands
in yours too

I’d walk through deserts
 to find you a rose
although not there
but where love grows

I’d sleep in meadows
when the rain pours hard
as long as I find you
forever in my heart

I’d walk a million days
a thousand miles a day
as long as you'll babe
 be mine always..

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Children of War

Why is  the world so savage
lives destroyed,abused,
in ruins
of opened coffins

Teary faces cover lands
hiding in dark holes
drowning in black
 shelters of fear

Indefensible little souls
forced in pitiful disgrace
surroundings of
famine,death and pain

Children of war
witness of hate
of abuse
and shame

we watch
we do not respond
By Lynda Ferrer/2014/RR