Saturday, August 23, 2014

Naive Love

She painted the skies for you
wrote beautiful verses too
You felt her love deep inside
Yes she was charming darling
but that wasn't I

I saw the muse in you
how romantic you felt too
 you interweave
her verses of love in you

I a simple naive poetess
never was the love in you heart
never the woman of your dreams
nothing was like it seem

Never thought of you as romantic my dear
never saw your romance through the years
reality shows how others are given
 what one imposes…

Today I realize

How did I die
for a love
that never existed
and most of all

How I regret
trying to reach your heart
A foolish woman
foolish act on my part

Love dies when it’s a untrue…
Author Lynda Ferrer/RR2014

Loves Not Keep (Musical Muse)

I knew I fell in love
without knowing that
when the sun goes down
 love does too

Because I was wrong
that’s what you said
I know the bad one was you
Now  I see love in truth

I know I was wrong
wrong by falling in love with you
I was wrong
giving all my life to you

I tried for  you to love me
like I loved you
You always had an excuse
rejecting hearts truth

Today I set you free
to be what you want to be
go with who you want
because loves not keep

Loves not keep
When not reciprocate
Loves not keep when
When it becomes fate
Author LyndaFerrerRR/2014

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bruised Heart (song)

Darkness has struck me
Since you’re gone
I have no voice
No one can hear me anymore

The empty feelings in my heart
Is where I ‘m suppose to start
All on my own
Searching for lights of truth

My unspoken words
Kept in a burial of confusion
Curing the contusion
Of my bruised heart

The scariest part
is to forget you so
all that I know
is  I’ll always love you

Now is the time to let go
This way I will show
There’s things you can’t control
You’ll be forever in my soul
By Author /Spoken Artist LyndaFerrer/RR/2014

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My Love

I can't forget you
even if I try
time doesn't cure
 tears don't dry

Loneliness kills
my lonesome heart
which crossed mountains
where we started

Loves like a dream
of flowing streams
cover with melodies
where lovers sing

Hope will come by
I'll stop to cry
when I see your eyes
and feel your smiles

I'll always love you
thou you're long gone 
was it reality or illusion
the love of my life..

To You with all
my heart...
AuthorLynda Ferrer/RR/2014



I know I told you
my love was true
now I turn yellow pages
to not remember you

I followed you
 everywhere I knew
holding your heart
wrapped in hues

I can't stop crying
cause heartbreaks hurt
it's not easy love
when love sails away

You'll be in my heart
no matter what people say
that I'm a fool in dark
they never knew anyway

I'll be with you always
your heart will be with me
I will carry it
until eternity..


I know I told you
my love was true
now I turn yellow pages
to not remember you

To You with love